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Applicants selected for admission have been notified by email. Students selected for a cluster wait list have also been notified by email. COSMOS is unable to provide a spot for all the highly talented students who have applied.

Cluster 1: Mobility Engineering for Land, Air, and Space
Prerequisites: Geometry, Algebra II, Physics
Cluster 2: Reasoning About Luck: Probability, Statistics, and Their Uses in Science
Prerequisite: Algebra II
Cluster 3: Tissue and Tumor Biology and Mathematical/Computer Modeling
Prerequisites: Biology, Algebra II and computer literacy; interest in using computational tools and software to study and analyze biological phenomena
Cluster 4: Chemical Biology: Extracting and Analyzing Molecules from Nature
Prerequisite: One year high school Biology; basic Chemistry
Cluster 5: Sound for Mobile Devices: Physical Modeling and Programming
Prerequisites: Geometry, Algebra, basic knowledge of a programming language and interest in software tools for recording and analysis
Cluster 6: Biomedical Sciences—Clinical Translational Science: The Next Generation of Biomedical Research
Prerequisite: One year of high school Biology
Cluster 7: Big Bang and the Subatomic World
Prerequisites: Algebra and Geometry
Cluster 8: Genes, Genomes, and Biocontrol
Prerequisites: Biology, Algebra II, and computer literacy

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Arrival day/Move in to UCI dorms: Sunday, June 28
First day of classes: Monday, June 29
Last day of program:
Friday, July 24
$3,250 In-State Tuition; $6,000 Out-of-State tuition (including international)

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Living on the UCI campus and experiencing the life of a college student
Learning from UCI faculty and scientists in exciting areas of science and math
Conducting a research project and applying your knowledge and skills
Making friends from throughout the State of California
Focusing on your goals for higher education and challenging careers
Building a foundation for a competitive university application

last updated: 4/22/15