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Applicants who have been admitted to COSMOS 2015 will be notified via email. All applicants may check their status by logging into their application account. Due to the high volume of applications, admission is very competitive.

Cluster 1: Mobility Engineering for Land, Air, and Space
Prerequisites: Geometry, Algebra II, Physics
Cluster 2: Reasoning About Luck: Probability, Statistics, and Their Uses in Science
Prerequisite: Algebra II
Cluster 3: Tissue and Tumor Biology and Mathematical/Computer Modeling
Prerequisites: Biology, Algebra II and computer literacy; interest in using computational tools and software to study and analyze biological phenomena
Cluster 4: Chemical Biology: Extracting and Analyzing Molecules from Nature
Prerequisite: One year high school Biology; basic Chemistry
Cluster 5: Sound for Mobile Devices: Physical Modeling and Programming
Prerequisites: Geometry, Algebra, basic knowledge of a programming language and interest in software tools for recording and analysis
Cluster 6: Biomedical Sciences—Clinical Translational Science: The Next Generation of Biomedical Research
Prerequisite: One year of high school Biology
Cluster 7: Big Bang and the Subatomic World
Prerequisites: Algebra and Geometry
Cluster 8: Genes, Genomes, and Biocontrol
Prerequisites: Biology, Algebra II, and computer literacy

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Arrival day/Move in to UCI dorms: Sunday, June 28
First day of classes: Monday, June 29
Last day of program:
Friday, July 24
$3,250 In-State Tuition; $6,000 Out-of-State tuition (including international)
Note that some clusters will change for 2015

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Living on the UCI campus and experiencing the life of a college student
Learning from UCI faculty and scientists in exciting areas of science and math
Conducting a research project and applying your knowledge and skills
Making friends from throughout the State of California
Focusing on your goals for higher education and challenging careers
Building a foundation for a competitive university application

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