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Summer 2014 program dates: June 29 - July 25
The application period is now closed. Applicants may revisit the online site to check their status on April 18.

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Exciting summer opportunities are available for elementary and middle school students through UCI’S GIFTED STUDENT ACADEMY. Please visit: http://www.giftedstudents.uci.edu
Living on the UCI campus and experiencing the life of a college student
Learning from UCI faculty and scientists in exciting areas of science and math
Conducting a research project and applying your knowledge and skills
Making friends from throughout the State of California
Focusing on your goals for higher education and challenging careers
Building a foundation for a competitive university application
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        As you may know, COSMOS is funded partially by the State of California, by program tuition, and by private support from foundations, corporations and individuals. These funds are used to provide a high quality, affordable program for all who participate. With reductions in state funding, private support is increasingly important to the success of the program.
        There are a number of ways you can help COSMOS to continue offering the kind of experience your sons and daughters had this summer. One is to talk to your employers and companies about COSMOS and encourage them to support us. Many companies require that we be "introduced" by employees for possible consideration for corporate philanthropy or community sharing programs. We would very much appreciate hearing from you if you have any leads or suggestions.
        Of course, we welcome your direct support as well. All donations large and small make a big difference and are tax deductible. We have an online donation button at the COSMOS statewide website, www.ucop.edu/cosmos.
        We believe that students and their families are our best ambassadors and advocates. Thank you for your help in promoting and supporting COSMOS!
last updated: 2/21/14